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What's Inside
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Taking New Business by Storm

This has been a truly exciting week. Since the Podcast on Automatic Merchandiser with Elliot Maras, editor, we have been bombarded with email and information requests! It seems that once the Vending Industry understands the real meaning of "Cashless", more players are wanting to be in the arena.

Cashless has always been viewed as Credit Card and "Pre-paid" has been left out in the cold. "Pre-paid" means the vending operator gets their money UP FRONT - before the customer has ever purchased anything!! What a concept! This means that the expense of the Microtronic Reader is virtually paid for within a month!

There was obviously not enough time to really talk about all the benefits of Cashless vending on the short Podcast, but I will try to answer as many questions as I can, either here or direct email - just stay tuned!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I would like to thank everyone for the emails and calls regarding the Podcast with Automatic Merchandiser and Elliot Maras. It was great to be able to give vending operators a different perspective on "Cashless" vending.

We have decided to start offering Webinars to more fully explain "Cashless" vending. I will keep you posted on when the first one will be given. It would be great for anyone wanting more information to check out Microtronic on Facebook or LinkedIn. These are two great formats for FREE networking.

Thanks again!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cashless Podcast with Automatic Merchandiser

VMW Podcast: Microtronic US President Clarifies Distinction Between Prepaid Cashless And Open Cashless Vending

Terri Starnes-Bryant, president of Microtronic US, claims there is a difference between open cashless systems and prepaid, closed loop systems that vending operators should consider when contemplating adding cashless capability to vending machines. Bryant explains her position on prepaid cashless in response to comments by vending operator Dominic Finelli, who claimed in a previous podcast interview that cashless vending is not an economical alternative for operators at the present time.

Listen to the podcast on VMW's Audio Connect at www.vendingmarketwatch.com/podcast.

Editor's Insight: This marks the first response to the vending technology podcasts that aired on www.vendingmarketwatch from Dec. 17, 2009 to Jan. 7, 2010 with veteran vending operator Dominic Finelli, owner of Custom Vending in Beltsville, Md.

Finelli questioned numerous benefits that vending technology providers claim to offer during the podcast interviews. Automatic Merchandiser invited technology advocates a chance to respond to Finelli's statements.

Other technology advocates will be responding to Finelli's claims. 01-25-10 by Elliot Maras

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why Cashless Vending Increases Sales Volume

So this is blogging! Watched Julie & Julia last night and now wondering what the heck - give it a try.

My company is Microtronic Electronic Systems. We are a Cashless Technology provider, mostly for the vending industry. Our system is based on a "Smart Chip" that has read/write capabilities. Almost like a Gift Card, but for in-house locations. By in-house, I mean a location where you have the same audience day in and day out for the most part. We specialize in factories, office buildings, prisons, schools, etc. You get the picture.

The headquarters is in Switzerland, but in High Point, NC for North and South America and Australia. We have been in cashless technology for 20+ years, with mass experience and a top provider throughout Europe - basically not the new kid on the block.

Our challenge is getting the mindset of Vending Operators that Cashless involves more than Credit Cards. Operators typically think "we have to have Credit Cards", but the costs are prohibitive for any return on investment. We offer a Credit Card loading station that will allow a consumer to use their Credit Card to add value to the Microtronic Media in increments set by the Operator, ex: $10, $15, $20, which brings the fees down to 2.75% or less. And this option costs much less than having a Credit Card reader at every machine. With this said, sales typically increase by 15% due to the convenience of not having to feed money into a machine or fumbling for change.

We have quite a variety with our "media", such as, Cards (can be ID Badges), Keys, Stickers, Fobs, Watches, Wristbands, to name just a few.

Okay, so much for the introduction - let's see where this takes us!!