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What's Inside
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Great New Cashless Ideas!

One of the greatest ideas in Cashless Vending recently came out of Europe! How would you like to have your customers spending more to earn prizes? That’s what some are doing and enjoying great success, along with exceptional customer loyalty! These operators are using the Microtronic Cashless system that will give a Bonus point for each purchase over $1.00. Then they have a USI Mercado 2000 (small 2 wide snack machine) with prizes and prize vouchers. The prizes can only be redeemed with the Bonus points they have accumulated – so the more they spend the better their chance to win items such as, “a mini vacation”, “USB Flash Drive” and “Gift Cards”, just to name a few of the many options. These bonus points are used very similarly to Credit Card points.

A great way to attract new customers is with Cashless Vending – the offer of convenience, speed and drastically reduced service calls, make many business owners very mindful of the limited amount of time their employees have at breaks and lunch. When they also offer a Credit Card Loading Station – it’s a Win/Win. The employees can pre-load their Microtronic smart chip media using a Credit Card or Debit Card at a preset amount (typically $10.50) that will greatly reduce the processing fees that the operator must pay. Just think Credit Card option with only one unit and one set of fees! Some are even making all the Vending machines totally cashless while using the Credit Card/Cash Loading Station. The operator gets their money in advance – “pre-paid” before any product is purchased!

Another very unique opportunity arises when an operator offers discounts to their customers. One operator offers a 25% discount on their food machines after 2:00 pm on Fridays. This is drastically cutting down the stales before the weekend! Another operator offers a 10% discount at the Coffee machine every day after 2:00 pm because that is when the coffee sales drop off. Operators are using the Microtronic Cashless system in multiple ways with both discounts and bonus points that suit their individual goals and generating lifelong customers.

Did you know that some employers still want to give their employees special “perks”? We have quite a number of companies that are giving their full time employees $60 each month to spend only at the vending machines while part time employees receive $30. These amounts are added at the Microtronic Reader on the vending machine each month automatically!

Microtronic offers so many varieties of customer loyalty and satisfaction. The above are just a few! Keep thinking outside the box and you’ll be amazed at what great things can happen in your business! Cashless is more than just Credit Cards.

Contact: Terri Starnes-Bryant, President, Microtronic US, LLC, 1-800-879-3586