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What's Inside
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ashtonishing Growth in Use of Prepaid Debit Cards

I don't know if anyone follows the Payments news, other than those in the business, but there is one article I must insist that Vending operators read: http://www.getdebit.com/debit-news/730/astonishing-growth-in-the-use-of-prepaid-debit-cards/. It is a great article that explains some the recent research and growth of Prepaid cards, both from major Credit Card companies and "Closed Loop" or individual store cards. The growth on these are astounding!

Microtronic can offer this same "Loyalty/Prepaid Card" program for an Operator or their Customer. What a great way to say "We value your business and want to offer something special in return!" Every consumer, or for that matter, person in the world wants to be valued and appreciated. Loyalty cards for vending can offer, discounts, bonuses (one free with ten), happy hours, freebies, etc. There are so many options with the Microtronic system. And to have a "captive" audience that will use the vending machines daily - what a better way for them to spread the word to friends about the great new service their Vending company is giving. Word of mouth is one of the greatest tools we have - let's use it!

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