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What's Inside
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Full Benefits of TRUE Cashless Vending

Microtronic has many features in Cashless/Prepaid Vending that other systems do not currently offer. Typically operators, as well as some members of NAMA, view “Cashless” as Credit Card acceptance only. We must strongly disagree, as Cashless has many more aspects than simply Credit Card acceptance.

Microtronic Cashless Systems offers a “Cashless” Smart Chip technology that is virtually contactless with no moving parts and is MDB Level 3 compatible. Our system integrates the capability of loading value at the Vending Machine or at our dedicated Loading Station. We also offer the options of Payroll Deduction and Credit Card Loading. With our Credit Card Loading feature, the operator decides how much the “swipe” is going to be. If the charge is $10.00 from the Credit Card, loaded to our media, the percentage rate drops to 2.5% and the operator has that money before any vend has been made. Bonus loading is another feature that many operators are using. To increase the preloading of money to the media, for example, an operator can give a 10% bonus for $5, $10 or $20 loads.

Microtronic offers “Electronic Tokens” which can be used as traditional Tokens that are given out by an operator today. Tokens can be given on a daily basis to purchase isotonic drinks only. Tokens can be “earned” for purchases, such as “Healthy Choice” items, where they build until reaching a level to purchase a “free” Token available item. The Tokens can also be “Virtual Money”, in the scenario of giving a set amount to each employee, on a weekly or monthly basis, as an employee bonus, with any leftover balance disappearing at the end of the period or continuing to build.

Cash money or Virtual Money can be added directly at the Vending Machine on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or set date automatically using the Microtronic system. We also have 4 different price categories available within any given environment. One group can pay full price, while another group gets a 10% discount or penny increment discount, etc. We also have operators that offer a discount when using the Microtronic media versus cash to increase loading.

Microtronic offers a “Bonus” feature that some operators are using today. For instance, a Bonus point can be given on all selections in a Food machine, while there can be one or two rows of prepackaged condiment kits in a Snack machine that can “free” vend with the Bonus point. This drastically cuts down on condiments walking out of the break room or being used for meals brought in.

These are just a few of the features of the Microtronic Cashless System. Contact us for many additional options.

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